Planning Application

We have had to put into West Berkshire Council a NEW Planning Application regarding the track and it’s facility’s. This is as a result of the site being considered as “ABANDONED” from 2004 to 2007 when we came in.


The planning inspectorate accepted the council’s view, that had the plans for new houses been granted back then, the racing would NOT have resumed. And, the fact that the site was left looking abandoned from their Ariel view photo's, didn’t help the cause. It is very sad that this was the end decision, especially as we DID manage to prove the 10 year use from pre 1993 to 2004, which would have made it legal in it’s own right and did, but was very soon left unkempt and visibly (from the air) unused for motor racing for the possibility of the new housing.


It is very unfortunate that the council DID NOT advise us of this on our initial and subsequent meetings and conversations in 2007, in fact we were told originally that the site had permission to hold 20 events each year, for it to then at a later date to be confirmed as just 14 events.


This site has been used for forms of motor sport use since long before many of us were born. 


Many people have emailed us or contacted us via FB with messages of support for this application and we thank you for that, but we need you to voice YOUR comments directly to the local council.


The independent short oval racing world has just LOST a Southern track in Horndean, due to housing and/or wind/solar farming. It would be great to NOT loose 2 in the same year.


Many of YOU would have carried out “Practice/Testing Sessions” here over the last few years on a weekday and over 3 hour periods, we would like YOU to also “have your say” The GOOD news is, these practice sessions have NOT been heard, so we thank you all for “complying” with our requests for respecting the local residents and reducing the possibility of them being disturbed by needless racing/practice/testing noise due to loud exhausts etc on these occasions.


To view the application and to make any comments please visit go to planning applications and either search for it by the reference number 14/03036/COMIND or type in Paices Hill and it will bring up our application “hopefully” or direct to our application here. The web site has been “Down more than up over the last week or so, but you can still send in your comments by email -


Email comments must contain the ref no, name, address and state if you support or object, see below for an idea of what your email should contain -


Ref 14/03036/COMIND
Support or Object?
Your Name
Your Address
Your Post Code

Your comments

and send your email to -


To read comments already submitted, please go into documents and read what others have had to say. If you have already taken the time to submit a comment, we thank you. If you have not made a comment yet or maybe you think what you have to say won’t make a difference, then we urge you to make your comment no matter how little you think it may be of use. Every comment matters and could make a difference, so please take the opportunity to have your say. IT REALLY COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!



27th Nov

The application has finally been validated and is back up online as indicated above. Please use the above reference Number when making any comments. Many Thanks.



Oct 2014 - Due to an oversight when completing paperwork, the council “invalidated” our application previously identified above. It’s a terrible shame that it took a few weeks for this to be the case, but here we are.  :(

The application has immediately been amended and submitted to WBC (4th Nov) and is again in the system and awaits “Validation”

Once it has been validated and is back up online, please feel free to submit your comments again (if you done so previously)

The application will benefit from your support, so if you have any comments to make, please take a few minutes and “Have YOUR Say” when it goes online.


To “Everyone” that has performed a “Practice/Testing” session here on a weekday between 9am and 5pm, your comments would be helpful to state the fact that you have practised here on these occasions.


If a few of you visit here as a group on a race day, please don’t leave it to just one person to speak for all of you. EVERY person should have their comments submitted individually. It really could make ALL the difference in the end. So please take a few minutes to register, receive an email verifying your registration and then “Log In” to make your comment, it’s as easy as that. :)


I will update this page and our FB pages as soon as I have further details.


We would sincerely like to “Thank You” in advance for your support.


Drive safely :)

Gwen Roberts and Family