How to Negotiate with a Car Dealer

Are you looking to buy a used car?

The first step in buying a used car is setting the right budget for it. Did your research and find the best available and best value used car that suits you?

Once the budget research is done and you have made your selection, the next step is to negotiate with the car dealer. People sometimes refer to this as as `haggling`.

Keep in mind that negotiating doesn’t mean to you have to feel uncomfortable.

Make a strong case for the amount in your mind and you will then be able to confidently present that case in your discussions. Here are some important points to understand in negotiating deal with a used car dealer:

Do your homework:

When you are dealing with a used cars dealer, there are some rules which apply to every case. The dealer you are negotiating with will not agree to your figure unless you can justifying it, and have therefore done your homework.

Carry out some price research before heading to the dealer. This is so easy to do these days with car dealer websites and also the well know aggregated sites such as auto trader.  Be sure that all your comparatives are for the same age and specification as the one you are negotiating for. You need to do some investigative work so that if the dealer is quoting a high price, you can ask the reason. Regional price differences are not uncommon in the used car business, so try your best to find examples that are as local as possible.

Don’t forget to negotiate the add-ons:

The best situation for you is when the used car dealer is ready for your suggested sale price. But this is not always the end of negotiations. The trade-in price of your current vehicle is another area for negotiation, along with finance and add-ons such as warranty.

Show your research to the salesperson as well. Car value tools can be used as well to estimate the best market trade in value for the automobile based on its model, make,  year and mileage in contrast to other vehicles in your town. In any case when a dealer offers a lower price than the actual car value, don’t feel any hesitation to ask for the reason.

Keep your cool:

It only takes a few hours to purchase a car on average. Keep your cool and always keep yourself prepared to move on, in case negotiation hits a wall.

Walking out calmly is sometimes what it takes to get the interaction back on track. If your car dealer is close to the number in your mind, he’s not going to let you walk away! Hopefully you will soon be shaking hands and drive away with full satisfaction that you have got a good deal for your car.